Whether you want to lose weight for a special occasion, train for an event, focus on rehabilitation or completely transform your lifestyle towards ‘better balanced health for life’, I can help you.


Whether you want to lose weight for a special occasion, train for an event, focus on rehabilitation or completely transform your lifestyle towards ‘better balanced health for life’, I can help you.

Join the Community

Welcome to the Balanced Health team. My vision is to inspire people to become the best version of themselves through better balanced health – for life! Together we make better choices, we learn from each other and commit through our actions. We communicate openly and share our experiences together as a strong community. A place to learn and grow. Together we are and will become stronger.

Join the Challenge

Prizes to be won! Designed to educate and challenge you to become a better, healthier version of yourself. With the Balanced Health App you will have access to your own meal plan, training videos and one on one communication with me and so much more. Track your progress with our daily food tracker and accountability prompts that keep you on track and reaching for more. Start right…..Join the Challenge.

Train with Me

I love seeing people break down walls and become stronger in body and mind. Everything from basic training to the most advanced. Together we will push, move and learn the tools needed to become that stronger version of you. It’s just me and you. Me and your friends or all of us together. 

Eat with Me

Everything I’ve learnt about nutrition I share with you. Information is power when it comes to looking after the body you live in. I show you how to establish healthier eating habits over time that feed your body’s natural instinct to want to feel better. I believe in listening to your body and eating intuitively. It’s about enjoying the food you eat. Let me guide you in taking back control of your eating and “live to eat” not just “eat to live”.

Balanced Health Better Foods

 To help people become the best possible versions of themselves requires practical lifestyle solutions. At Balanced Health Better Foods, we are committed to bringing you the perfect balance of indulgence and health with our naturally sweetened, protein-based snacks. 

Our protein-based snacks serve as quick breakfast choices, on the go snacks, mid-morning or afternoon energy boosts, pre-workout fuel, post-workout recovery or a post dinner treat for the health conscious consumer. One that satisfies the senses, provides for indulgence yet healthy and balanced in formulation.

Monthly Ordering Now Available! 


Shane Price

Daniel has to be one of the fittest healthiest people I know. Who better to have as a trainer than someone who walks their talk.

Amanda Rait

AMAZING so supportive, motivating and full of fantastic knowledge to get you where you want to be. Can’t wait to go back again next week!!!

Danielle McRae

Fantastic trainer, would highly recommend Dan as a trainer, not only is he incredibly experienced and knowledgeable but also very passionate!

Dallas Hibbs

I was in denial about my physical health and weight gain and Dan helped me get me head in the right place to make exercise and better food a part of my lifestyle

Jenny Davis

For motivation and encouragement you won’t get better than Dan and Jacquie – Balanced Health. Support from other team members is a huge part of the success. If you have tried other plans without the result you wanted give a Balanced Health challenge a go. If you follow the plan you will definitely achieve results and change your life. It is all about health and well-being.

Maree Edwards

An amazing health journey we have just been on…. and we are doing the next one ‘Super 7 Challenge” …. You will not regret signing up.. best support, best fitness programme, best food…
We completed the last programme with 5 kids in toe… youngest 5mths oldest 12 years .. if we can do it anyone can… highly recommend 😁

Justin Le Lievre

Dan is an expert in his field and has the personality to impart his knowledge in such a positive way.

Josephine Mason

Dan is a great trainer – you will start out with what you think your goals are but Dan will soon have you reaching for the stars with loftier goals due to his endless enthusiasm and practical advice. Highly recommended.

What inspires me – inspiring and creating the best possible you through better balanced health – for life!

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