Balanced health better foods

To help people become the best possible versions of themselves requires practical lifestyle solutions. At Balanced Health Better Foods, we are committed to bringing you the perfect balance of indulgence and health with our naturally sweetened, protein-based snacks.

Our protein-based snacks serve as quick breakfast choices, on the go snacks, mid-morning or afternoon energy boosts, pre-workout fuel, post-workout recovery or a post dinner treat for the health-conscious consumer. Snacks that satisfy the senses, provides for indulgence yet healthy and balanced in formulation.

Monthly Ordering Now Available!

To ensure you never miss out on your favourite healthy snacks, we are now calling for orders once per month.
This means you can plan ahead and enjoy a whole month’s worth of delicious, nutritious snacks!
Orders to be placed by the first Friday of each month. 

Pick up or delivery by arrangement following Monday. 

Next Order to be placed by Friday 2 August 2024

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